Best practices for speeding up your site

Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site — part of an excellent series of articles on the Yahoo Developer Network.

They mainly focus on the front end, as that is where you’ll get most bang for your buck. They make frequent reference to YSlow, a Firebug extension that looks extremely useful.

The presentation here is also strongly recommended, as it makes succinct arguments for all the techniques. (View on Slideshare to see it full-screen.)

Some things were familiar to me (and most are already standard practice for my colleagues), many weren’t (e.g. avoid @import for CSS), and some I know of but haven’t been convinced of before (e.g. CSS sprites). I was quite intrigued by this example of CSS sprites in use on Google. (When using CSS sprites, remember to consider their accessibility to screen readers, and don’t use if you want them to print.)

One thought on “Best practices for speeding up your site

  1. Dave Bell

    Following this post I’ve just made some tweaks to Forkd and a recipe page (e.g. Easy low fat chicken curry) has jumped from a YSlow score of 63 to 77. That’s nearly as good as it can get without dropping Google Analytics and setting up a CDN. We might try using CSS sprites in the future.
    I wonder if users will feel the improvement.

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